Questions on Laser Beam Steering/Scanning

Based on my comments on the state of green lasers, a recent Microvision 8-K and blog talking about “false soothsayers” talking about green lasers, I am getting a lot of questions about laser beam steering/scanning (also known as laser flying spot scanning and several other names.    I’m going to try and start this page for answering those questions rather than having them mixed up into all the various comments on the blog.


  1. Hege says:


    I`m a Norwegian student, working on my final report on my degree. I was wondering if you could help me with a few questions regarding green lasers. I have very little experience with lasers, and I`m working on a project where I`m suggesting to use laser light in stead of LED light. I`m going to use green light, and a class between 2 and 3B. So, my questions are:
    – What type of lasers produces the least heat?
    – And do you think it`s possible to embed this without cooling, when it`s suppose to work for an hour?

    Thank you for your time!

    With best regards

    • admin says:


      There is insufficient information to really answer your question. You did not say how you were going to be using the LEDs/Lasers. Is this for general lighting or for a projector for example?

      The laser safety classification is based on how the laser light is used. If you are sending a tight bean (like a laser pointer) you can have a lot less total light than if you spread the light out.

      For general lighting today, a green laser is very inefficient compare to say LEDs. Whether you need cooling or not depends on a lot of factors including the ambient temperature and how big a heat sink you have.

      Lasers are most useful in application were the light has to be very concentrated (high f-number and low etendue).

      I hope this helps,

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